Youth Elevated

Youth Elevated

Product 5# Youth Elevated


Our enthusiastic team helped owner of Youth Elevated in producing a web portal and a mobile application according to her requirements and needs. The portal and application is basically created in terms of catering counseling services to students of high school. Therefor, this portal was design to assist students in reaching their educational goals by providing guidance from their high school career to the application registration process. This portal and app make it easy for the students to get online free counseling through emails and instant messaging. Furthermore, this product helped them to apply and register online for certain courses. The web portal is designed with a forum which help students to post their quires and suggestions.


Youth Elevated is an online channel that is helping high school distance learners in their education, career building and other learning goals while remaining in their homes. This product is developed with the aim to improve the level of education and provide students with growth and development opportunities.

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