So What is ERP & Why we Uses it ?

What is the best ERP definition? According to Relliks Systemsthink of all of the fundamental approaches essential to run a business enterprise: finance, human assetsproduction, supply chain, services and others. At its basic level, ERP integrates these methods into a single system. But the new ERP structures are some thing however simple. They provide intelligence, visibility, evaluation and efficiency in all aspects of a company. With the use of  new technologies, ERP structures facilitate the flow of information in actual time across departments and ecosystems, in order that organizations can make data-driven decisions and control performance live.

ERP Solutions We Provides

Relliks Systems provides ERP system which includes packages for accounting, human resources, sales and supply chain management. However you may combine distinctive modules to better meet your requirements. As an exampleyou could upload ERP components for e-commercestock and order management and compliance. Or include applications designed for an extensive range of industries, from production to retail.

Cloud, on-premise, and hybrid ERP

There are three different types of ERP implementations: in the cloud, in installations and hybrids. Explore the benefits of each one and choose the one that makes the most sense for your business.

Cloud ERP

On-Premises ERP

Hybrid ERP

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