Difference in Software Goals and Systems

Goals are very important aspect of life of human or any business. It defines targets, ambitions and directions. I bet you have many goals in your life. i do I have them. Goal are essential for any person or organizational success. But if you too much focus on goal too much, you actually decrease chances of achieving them. Now the question is why that happens? and why instead of focusing on goals you need to focus on creating systems. Let’s first discuss What the Goal actually is. What about the Systems and what are they for.

Goals are one time milestones, target, or events. Once you achieve them, they are done. they become obsolete and you look further for next ambition or a new goal starting from scratch. At the other side Systems are continuous processes you follow on a regular basis and they get you to your objectives towards your goals.

Lets thing another way, Goal is the destination and System is the journey you have to pass to reach your goals. For example earning a million dollars is a goal. Hiring employees, researching best possible product, product development, marketing and selling, that is the system.
Other example reducing 50 lbs weight is your goal, but staying healthy, regular exercise is the system.
Goals are necessary to design a healthy system. Once you develop a great system, goals are not necessary anymore. Here is a little contradiction right?
Actually if you don’t have any goal you cannot design a system as you don’t know which kind of system do you need, and you need to create. But what once you know what your goals are, focusing on them becomes counter productive. Because working for a goal you’re operating from a constant state of the failure.

Let’s say you want to lose 40 Pounds weight. So far you only lost 10 Pounds. Which means you’re failing at meeting your expectations. And even when you lost 20 Pounds, you’re still unsuccessful reaching at your goals. This may welcome panic and frustration and sense of failure of not meeting your expectation which is ultimately to win your goals. And the more long term your goal is the more long term this feeling, which increasingly becomes nightmares provoking you to give up. So it makes obvious that focusing on your process makes you perform better.

Other side of the goal is when you achieve one, it could be best moment in your life but you have nothing further to excite you. So you target another new more difficult goal. For example when you earn One Million Dollars, you feel very exciting on reaching this target. But soon you realize that your life hasn’t changes much by achieving it. As it is not very different from when you had $90,000. So you go far $2 Million Dollars benchmark which becomes your next goal and target. And when you reach that you go far further and so on. Whenever you meet the goal you get excited but it goes quickly and you look for high success again. So if you ignore goal completely, and just focus on good money making system you obviously gonna reach One Million Dollars and other further benchmarks.

Now the question is how to make a good system for everyone. System specifications could be changed from person to person, company to company, and organization to organization. Everyone needs their own unique system to follow and execute promptly. But I think there are three things which everyone should must follow.

Firstly you need to pick direction.
Secondly how to get there by asking good questions.
Thirdly you need to experiment with the answers and re-adjust.

If you don’t know which questions do you need to ask and how to achieve you better need some expert, a mentor or someone with years of relevant experience and success stories. Beware you will find losers and ambition killers in your way. You need to find the right person motivating force to become your success. So learning, improving and building continuous process is the key to make your tomorrow better than today.

If you guys have any questions/ comment or reservation, please don’t hesitate to write me back.

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