Our Team

Abuzar Ghaffari

Abuzar is a .Net Developer with a vast programming experience in web based technologies. He is a fast learner, self motivated, eager to learn and always looking for challenges. He also has knowledge of Android Development & always ready to take on new challenges.

Muhammad Bilal

Bilal is an Internee Front-end & back-end developer and has been adding important value after recently joining our organization. Bilal is well versed in Asp.Net and has recently been polishing his skills to help with one of our web based Projects.

Shamroz Ali

Shamroz Ali is a Senior Developer working on multiple projects and company products with hands-on experience on various technology platforms, working in Web based Technologies, Data Analytics and ReactNative. He is always passionate about learning new technologies and has excellent problem solving skills.

Leonardo Abignale

Leonardo is an experience marketing professional and energetic team player with a vast experience of business development. He specializes in Marketing and sales and has been previously working in various organizations.

Kamran Leghari

Kamran is a .Net Developer with an interest in web based technologies. He has a creative approach towards development and is very enthusiastic when it comes to learning new tools, technologies and languages.

Jalal Khawaja

Jalal is an experience marketing professional and is responsible for developing, implementing and managing marketing campaigns that promote our products and services and also overseeing the social media strategy for the company.