Product 2# LinkedToWork


This product LinkedToWork was the challenging one, due to its demanding requirements that we wanted to provide the best within the given time frame . Moreover, the most complex area during designing and implementing this product was  corporate messaging module, that was working slow while finding chat history. Therefor, our team of experts works together and overcome this issue before handing our this product, which took a lot of effort. By making use of the latest technology and combining online Educational resources and recruitment agencies, LinkedToWork wanted to enhance Team collaboration and make it easier for team of employees and employer to connect with each other. We created an application that uses instant text, voice and video message features to allow team of employees and employer to communicate with each others with in or outside the office. Moreover, this app also provide an opportunity for employees to access online libraries and recruitment agencies.


This application helps organization employees and employer to connect anonymously and instantly ,who are working remotely on different locations. Moreover, the app provides access to high quality content which helps employees to get access to reading material and understand project task in a better way. The four main functions of this application like team interaction, C Messaging, project &task and knowledge sharing aims to increase work efficiency among the organizational staff.

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