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Why Choose Us for ETL Services?

Today, most businesses find themselves producing and storing incredible amounts of data every day. However, the potential of all this information remains too often untapped, as the variety of data sources and their volume makes it much harder to work on. With Relliks Systems, you don’t need to struggle with complex ETL processes anymore and can simply outsource it thanks to our professional ETL as a service offer.
ETL Process is as follows:

It’s best to think of ETL in the context of the business value it provides – ETL is the process by which data is extracted from data sources that are not optimized for analytics, moved to a central host, and optimized for analytics. The exact steps in that process might differ among ETL tools, but the end result is the same.

Any Integration

Wherever your data might be stored, in whatever format and from whichever data source, we will access it. Skip the daunting task of data preparation to set up complex ETL processes: our ETL as a service brings all the information your organization is using together, and you don’t need to do anything

By selecting Relliks ETL as your data integration tool, you will be able to implement very complex data integration flows with fewer steps and faster.

Managed Schema Changes

Whenever a change occurs in your data, our ETL as a service automatically handles it for you to ensure you never miss an important event. You don’t need to do anything: we can re-structure the underlying data schema for optimization purposes. That way, there are no limits to all the dashboard features we offer.

Relliks ETL Integrator is a powerful and easy-to-use cloud data integration service that can work with structured, semi-structured and unstructured data of any type, shape, and size. Users can create and execute very complex data integration and automation scenarios in no time. Relliks ETL Integrator supports unique data integration scenarios, typically requiring a specialized set of tools and costing a fortune to implement, such as: data synchronization, HL7 transformations, direct data upload into the online data-warehouses such as Snowflake, and many others.

Mapping Made Easy

With our ETL as a Service, we convert your data of any type and from any source just the way you want it to be. Our Software figures out automatically the schema and enables automatic mapping of integrations. However, if you prefer to have full control over it, we can customize your mapping for you.

Business intelligence (BI) teams then run queries on that data, which are eventually presented to end users, or to individuals responsible for making business decisions, or used as input for machine learning algorithms. One common problem encountered here is if the OLAP summaries can’t support the type of analysis the BI team wants to do, then the whole process needs to run again, this time with different transformations.

End-to-End Security

All of the information contained in your data sources will be stored in our high-speed and secure data warehouse that is protected 24/7 by electronic access control, video surveillance and alarm systems. We are committed to protect our customers’ most sensitive data at all costs.


Also, data today is frequently analyzed in raw form rather than from preloaded OLAP summaries. This has led to the development of lightweight, flexible, and transparent ETL systems with processes that look something like this:
The biggest advantage to this setup is that transformations and data modeling happen in the analytics database, in SQL. This gives the BI team, data scientists, and analysts greater control over how they work with it, in a common language they all understand

Why Choose Us for Database Services

Today’s enterprise depends on data to drive the business and performance. Availability of data is the key factor to run a competitive business. Our DBA services group is adept in providing various services across the technology environment, including Oracle and MS SQL server applications, DB2, to name a few. We use a delivery method with a combination of onsite and offshore resources using a robust communication network. Customers can effectively manage their IT budget and balance their project priorities by choosing the essential services whenever needed, and for as long as required.
Databases are a fact of life for most SMB’s but when setting out, it’s hard to predict how fast your business will grow.

We maintain a secure infrastructure that allows us to provide 24/7 support to our clients worldwide. The DBAs onsite are provided with cost effective alternatives to ensure a seamless service. The Performance Tuning sphere involves advanced self-tuning, including use of database advisors and other components of the Framework, performance tuning, troubleshooting, resolution building, detailed scrutiny of database activity using statistics & wait events, manual database tuning using Statspack, AWR, ADDM reports, and Instance tuning & database tuning.
Database as a service (DBaaS) is a cloud computing service model that provides users with some form of access to a database without the need for setting up physical hardware, installing software or configuring for performance. All of the administrative tasks and maintenance are taken care of by the service provider so that all the user or application owner needs to do is use the database. Of course, if the customer opts for more control over the database, this option is available and may vary depending on the provider.