In the kaleidoscopic World Wide Web world there are numerous programming languages having specialty of their own.  The world of Web is constantly evolving along with the languages associated with it. One such evolving language is ASP.NET. There are also many other languages which are excellent and their efficacy is outrageous but why the world is too inclined towards ASP.NET?  What are the leverages of using ASP.NET? Let’s dive into the world of ASP.NET and find out.


ASP.NET was released in 2002.It was written in the .NET Framework which is quite pervasive in the contemporary era also. Its release and its lucrative side compelled the developers to transit and enter into the world of ASP.NET .This mainly happened dude to number of reasons.

When designing and developing large applications ASP.NET is quite handy as it reduced the number of line of code increasing the efficiency.

  • Developing environment of ASP.NET is very flexible, feasible and professional. The tool used for the development is visual studio the name of which delineates the professionalism.
  • The ASP.NET language is purely server side which increases the reliability and its performance.
  • The ASP.Net is open source and has the capability and the capacity to hold Dockers, Apache and nginx.
  • The ASP.NET facilitates in not only building web pages or web applications but also web API which are the backbone of modern development. Now a days he use of API is very pervasive. Most of the people prefer to use API because writing that code again is just a waste of time and resources. In order to reduce work API are made for which mainly ASP.NET is needed.
  • Moreover ASP.NET usually follows the MVC technique in which it is very easy to reduce and pulverize ambiguity along with clustering in the project. MVC was developed for the sake of simplicity and for making the project more lucid as compared to the older structuring technique that we have seen in the past. core Target .net framework. .Net framework is not cross platform, they run only on windows. There are no lucid intentions to remove the support target .Net framework in Asp.Net Core. There are advantages of core over .Net framework are following:

  • Cross platform
  • Improved performance
  • Side by side versioning
  • New API
  • Open source

With all of these having said. How does ASP.NET matches with other programming languages which may be used for web and the implementation of some basic functionality. How does the developers rate it? How many similarities do we see in them and who edges out who? Does the most primitive languages like PHP can supplant ASP.NET or ASP.NET will be able to decimate PHP one day. And it’s not solely about PHP. It is going to be ASP.NET vs the whole world of languages. The comparison of course will include ruby on rails, python and many other.