Problems Faced By Beginner Developers

With the inception of android operating system in 2008. The world was opened to whole new dimension that was innovative enough that is pierced and permeated the hearts and the mobile market worldwide. The latest and radically unique technology took every one by storm. The demand of latest and amusing apps had have been and in the contemporary era  is still very high. The pool of android users and developer turned into ocean subsequently river ever since its emergence on the global stage. The users of android users increase exponentially and hence we have android as one of the biggest OS used in this world. But what with the developers who develop such apps? Is it easy to get into the android development world with a little difficulty or it’s an arduous task?



We will talk about the challenges that an amateur android

developer will face while stepping down into the software world

with its full zeal and commitment

When we talk about web, desktop applications, mac operating system or even ios systems. We have limited number of recipient machines who however are not different from one another but not in case of android. In android we have multiple sized screen, multiple operating systems and the compatibility is the main issue for the developers of the contemporary era. Because some are using older version and some the latest versions which renders it very difficult for the developers to comply with the user machines need and address all the users machine at once. This predicament is the most difficult thing to address as it impedes the implementation of many features just for the sake of compatibility.

Another predicament for the android developer aspirant is the security issues in android. As android is in many versions and also the most abundant one. The internet has rendered the security of many apps precarious. For example, if a developer is to develop an application he must ensure its integrity and reliability on the very first place which is very challenging to do for a developer especially when things are overlapping. But is it only for the android users? What about apple users? Well Apple Corporation has paid a great heed on security and they have implemented a great security plan for its OS and machines. This feature however is missing in the android platform.

The designing of a captivating UI is another daunting task for the developers. As most of the user tend to approach an app with a very elegant design and appearance. The expertise needed for such UI and the idea of a copyright free design is yet again a new dimension for worrying. This however is not as simple as it looks. Most of the apps on the play store fail to touch the famous hit line due to the stagnant and bleak UI although they have great functionality and productivity.

Another issue for the new developers is the patent system in android. When you step into the android world and aspire to become famous on play store with your apps. You might do two things, develop a replica of an already existing system or function or innovate something on your own, the latter one is most effective although it comes with its own challenges but if you follow the former approach you may be accused of using someone else’s idea or design and all your hard work become futile.

Android Market

To break the android market and make your app conspicuous on the top spots you have to do some optimization. You have to promote it in order to get your app into the trend. There are more than 8 million apps on the play store and making your app one of the most auspicious in the market one needs a lot of marketing.

API Development

The development of an API is another challenge that will leave the developer breathless. The behavior of different API differs with the mobile. It is possible that an API working in User A mobile might malfunction in the user B’s Mobile which will render your API or your app useless. To avoid such devastating condition one has to develop such an API which will be compatible with every mobile.

Gradle Failure

Gradle failure is one of the most frequent claimed problems in the android world. The Amateur might find this very grueling and would be stuck in the gradle fixing puzzle forever if not properly guided. Whenever the system is updated or the working platform is changed the gradle makes things very annoying for the developer. There are some issues that occur in gradle that may take some time to resolve so as a new comer to the android world. This might get a little awkward if you are not able to find the issue.

The idea to make an app, the idea to revolutionize the play store also known as the app market is very difficult to conceive. With hundreds of apps published daily it is very difficult to find an idea that will lead to an app that will become successful and would be plausible in the whole world or even in a religion. The idea is very difficult to find.

Crashing of an app is another issue. Sometime even after debugging the person may not be able to find the reason for an app to crash. There may be some hidden bug or erroneous code of some sort so the art of debugging should be in the mind of the developer entering the world of android development.

We highlighted some of the basic issues that the newly entering developer will face in the android world. Aside from this, some minor issues like coding errors or exception are sometime also very annoying but the nine points highlighted above are the most common problem that a beginner in the android world will face. But what about IOS development? Well!! That is a bit tricky also, we will discuss it in the next article.

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