With emergence of technologies and discovery of new horizons has made Software into a diverse field. Difference between front-end, back-end development and Game Development has become confusing. Software development has now become something very diverse which covers modern-age devices, IoT (Internet of Things) concepts, Mobile applications, Video Game for Consoles, Browsers based Applications (Plug-ins / Extensions), Web applications, Front-end Development, Desktop applications, UI/UX Designers and Game designers to all different fields. These fields are now totally independent and once could join one line of development without considering any other field at all. Let me explain major differences among all as follows:

Game development is something totally different than the front end development. It involves specific designing skills and totally different set of tools and technologies to get into that.
While front-end development is something relevant to Presentation of the Web applications / Websites. It normally refers to program the content to display on the website through JavaScript and many of its libraries and Frameworks which includes: JQuery, AngularJs, ReactJs, VueJs, KnockoutJs, BackboneJs and many more.

As technology is revolving more and more frameworks are coming into play, and Software giants are looking to dominate the market by introducing something big which could change the game. Microsoft has always played vital role in this regard. Since introduction of Visual Basic VB Studio, which was previously developed for Desktop applications. Microsoft has evolved it to Visual studio to cover same development concepts and introduced new application line to compete with then Software Giant which was Java by Sun.

Microsoft introduced Webforms to establish its dominance in the web market.
Then used MVC Design patterns on the Web technology and introduced ASP.NET MVC.
Evolved its Services to WCF to cover all aspects of applications and relying on SOAP protocol directly from same tool set.
Introduced Web API to cover ResutFul services concept which was then arising technology to dominate and keep its developers stick with Microsoft Stack.

Now as various front-end frameworks are coming into play. Open source community is very active and they are introducing new libraries, frameworks and platforms with every passage of the day. NodeJs developed to assist developer to use same front-end JavaScript skills to develop back-end of their web applications. This has empowered developers from around the world and encourages them to learn JavaScript and use it everywhere. It seems a bigger challenge for the Microsoft and they have countered it with launching of Blazor to beat this into their own game. Blazor is Razor Engine based Views which will be written in C#. So you no longer need to learn JavaScript at all, and develop your Front end presentations right through Microsoft Stack using C#.