Have you ever thought that you can do all your activities in less time? You never because it’s impossible to do as human, but an artificial intelligence did for us. The human brain is blurring as an artificial intelligence is emerging. Artificial intelligence can attempt to grasp more information. more complex processes than human beings in very short period of time.

Artificial intelligence is today one of the leading areas of research.  Moreover, considered as a system, by its partial use. for example, text recognition, household robots.To the possibility of replacing human labor creative artificial. Therefore, people don’t use their brains to think, they like to use artificial intelligence if they want to execute task quickly & accurately. In reality, artificial intelligence is already changing our daily live routine. Almost entirely in ways that improves human health, safety, and productivity. But a brain cannot make these changing. Moreover, with Artificial intelligence One day we will be able to interact with devices with the help of dialogues instead of sending requests. Furthermore, that would help in improving quality of life for millions of people in the upcoming years.