Customer Satisfaction,Welcome changing requirements,

Working software deliver frequently


Agile methodology is the most famous cycle used for designing and development of the software systems .It is basically based on the SDLC on which most of the models are made. Models followed and made prior to agile methodology were working efficiently so why did we came up with something as dynamic as agile method? Well!! There are couple of reasons for that.

Before agile the most followed method for designing and development of software was the waterfall model. But waterfall model was one time stream because to sketch back our being developed software required a lot of time and resources. If the requirements changed over time what then? Many companies endured a lot succumbing to the changing trends. Once trends were changed the ongoing project or software being developed was heavily effected as it required modification according to the latest trends but such changes will require a lot of resources. So we come up with a plan known as agile methodology which facilitated the companies to cope up with the changing needs.
This methodology enable

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Welcome changing requirements
  • Working software deliver frequently
  • Business developer and agile developer work together about project
  • Build projects around motivational individual
  • Software working in primary measure progress
  • Simplicity-implementation maximize and modified the software
  • In our organized team, that make architectures, requirements and design
  • How to become more effective

Agile methodology are used for all peoples they used agile model, In agile method first of all Planning(How to make the project),then Analysis(Draw Use case diagrams ,user stories, the next step is Design(UX ,UML diagrams ,design pattern),and the next is Build(Xp ,Refactoring ,programming ,code software),if you build the project then start Testing phase ,if everything is clear in testing phase then deploy the project to the Customers and get Review and feedback