Website using – Why it doesn’t worth?

Not even including my freelance years, my agency of over four years has built on WordPress 99% of the time, with many themes. You don’t need to sell me on the power of WordPress. For years, I’ve joined in on the belief that Wix is bad. I’ve had to help edit a few different Wix sites, so I understand a few basic frustrations. But honestly, I want to know. Why do you think Wix is bad?

If I don’t include these items:
– Can’t transfer to a different host
– Messy code
– Unprofessional

Had issues where the clients website kept timing out or would only load half a page. Also, some of the Wix designs should be considered crimes against humanity. Too limited. No scope for creativity outside of its basic functions.

 They can put anything on their sites that they want. A friend of mine has had to remove footers with ads in them that they(my friend and the site “owner”) did not install. And, early in the Wix life their terms and conditions said they can do whatever they want with the content posted to any wix site. They completely own your website. It’s in the terms of service.

Wix is a perfect solution for some situations. For example, people with small budgets, have the time to DIY their own website, aren’t too bothered about inbound sales, just need a web presence at a fairly low cost. It’s just not scalable, bespoke or flexible (both creatively and technically) to be used in conjunction with a wider digital marketing strategy – in other words, for scaling businesses.

It’s just a tool for people who can’t afford something better.
Like a used Honda vs a new dodge charger. honestly probably not the best car comparison lol. (Dodge is the Honda of american cars (they are worse than fords, in my opinion, lol). It would be a 1987 ford escort with 3 wheels vs a Tesla model 3 Haha.. Yeah, I realized I probably shouldn’t of used the Honda vs the charger lol. Honda don’t die and are cheap to fix and chargers are ass lol.
I think a mountain bike and a Honda motorbike would be a better comparison.

As a software engineer I’ll avoid it. But for a quick site for someone else idc if they use it. However, asspizza made money from Wix. He also has a huge Instagram following. It’s a quick solution for a crappy E-Commerce store. But it’s not something you should use long term..

Honestly, its pretty laggy, its limited , it looks awful, its more expensive than making it myself, it’s not professional, you can’t transfer it out, plus it’s not your platform. So you’re reliant on someone else.
If you’re looking to make real money don’t use Wix. If you want to maybe make a few hundred dollars Wix might work for you. Before, I learned to code I used Wix for a few of my sites, it was slow, downtime was high and the ROI (Return on Investment) wasn’t there.

I think this is yet another one of those things that is an irrational fear. People with an opinion that have never touched it, used it or even experienced it. My only opinion on Wix is based on what clients tell me about why they want to migrate from Wix… 1. It doesn’t scale 2. It lacks feature X, Y or Z

I explain it like this.. most people start on the housing ladder by renting (Wix) then you realise the restrictions when you want to hang a picture or two without needing you buy.. erm.. INVEST.. in your own home (pre-built).. is like a CRM.. the best homes we know are build on the foundation of WordPress 😁 like a mortgage.. you have to pay hosting and domain fees etc.. but useful comparison to renting vs owning your own home I think.. ah.. and yes you will need to do maintenance yourself though.. or let a professional do it for you.. this is where I sell my maintenance plan 😁 later when you want to add an extention (pages/features etc) I can also ‘build’ these for you.. etc

Bad SEO (regardless of recent updates), limited platform, no ability to add custom functionality or have a site that does more than one or two things. You don’t own your data. Impossible to migrate ( if you want to build on another platform you have to start from scratch).

Extremely slow servers, even on their new “improved” servers, two boxed of design without extreme coding, and you don’t own it.

Wix is not a viable option if you need your website to rank well in search in a competitive market and their SEO tools are horribly limited, so even for those of us to specialize in helping build sites/pages that can compete in search, they always fall short. Plus you don’t own it and it’s not scalable, and so many missing features that clients want…

It’s a great tool for a beginner or low budget site that needs to have something to show at a web address but if you need a site to work for your business to make it grow that is able to grow with your business, it’s not the right choice.

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