There is a wrong concept that mobile applications and web applications are same, but in reality these are two different things. Even the process of developing and deploying them is also different. A web application is actually a website which can run on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. A web application can be accessed on various platforms like IOS and Android phones. There are different types of websites on internet, some of them are static and some are responsive. A responsive website view is just like a mobile application that is why people are confused in their comparison. Web applications can be accessed from phone’s browser easily while mobile applications can be accessed only after downloading and installing the application to your mobile.


Mobile applications are built for a particular platforms, like IOS application for Apple iPhone and Android Application for Samsung. Some mobile companies have their own app store such as BlackBerry world for BlackBerry phones­­, Apple Store for iPhone and Google Play Store for Android Applications. Android is an open platform whereas IOS is a closed platform, that’s why most of the companies like Huawei, Vivo and Xiaomi are using android platform to make applications.       The mobile applications installed from app store are allowed to access system resources, such as camera function, contacts, GPS and so on. Some popular IOS and Android Applications are Snapchat, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and many other.


Mobile Apps:

Mobile applications are much more expensive then web applications because of its complexity in terms of design and development. Mobile apps are much advanced in features, functionalities and their performance in speed is better than web applications. When you hire a mobile app company to build a mobile application, most companies only create it for one platform and charge high amount. However a company cannot reach its goal by using only one platform. Big companies like Uber, Facebook, Foodpanda and YouTube built their applications for multiple platforms to reach more users. These applications are developed in different programming languages like:

  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • C# (C-Sharp)
  • Python
  • C++

The main languages to build IOS application is Swift and Objective-C where swift is the present primary language of IOS operating systems and is evolving day by day while objective-c is an older programming language used for more than 35 years for IOS applications development. These languages are used on Xcode IDE to build an application.

Android apps are built in Eclipse IDE or Android Studio, most commonly used languages are

  • C# on Xamarian using Visual Studios
  • C++ with Android NDK
  • Kotlin with Android Studios
  • Java with Eclipse or Android Studios

Android applications are better in performance and more responsive but their development cost is higher than hybrid apps and have no cross platform support. Whereas hybrid apps development cost is less than android apps and have cross platform support.


  • They are faster and more reliable than web apps.
  • They can work offline.
  • More functionalities and features as they have access to system resources.
  • They are approved by the app store, it means they are secure and safe.
  • They can be easily created due to availability of developer tools, SDKs and interface elements.


  • They are expensive than web apps.
  • It’s developed for one platform at a time (i.e. Android and IOS). Which means to build the app from scratch for different platform.
  • It is not easy to approve an application from app store.
  • Their maintenance cost is high.
  • They need to be download from app store in order to run on mobile.


Web applications don’t need a platform, they can be accessed through any browser of mobile, tablet or desktop device. A user cannot access a web application without internet. Web applications are adapted to the device you are using. They don’t need to be downloaded or installed on a specific platform. Their responsiveness is the reason to create confusion in users mind. They have low development cost then mobile applications and are easy to design and develop. If you hire a web development company they can take different templates online to design your application which is easy and time saving. Whereas this feature is not available in case of mobile apps. Web applications are built in different languages like:

  • HTML
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery (JavaScript Library)
  • PHP
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Python

And many other programming languages.

Progressive Web Application:

Progressive applications are just like a mobile application and can also work offline. They load quickly than standard web applications. These applications run on local server and can store large amount of data offline with the help of application cache feature. They don’t need internet connection and their features and functionalities are just like a mobile app. Features including video and audio capture, push notification and video playback. Just like web applications, progressive web applications don’t need to be download or installed. These features makes them a best application.


  • They don’t need to be downloaded or installed to run.
  • They are accessed through browser and don’t need to be downloaded or installed.
  • They are easy to build.
  • They can run on both mobile and desktop devices.
  • They update themselves.
  • They don’t need approval from app store.


  • They don’t work offline.
  • They are slower and have less functionalities then mobile apps.
  • Their safety and security is not guaranteed
  • Easy to update then mobile apps.


By reading the above article you will be able to define the difference between Web apps and mobile apps. So if you want to hire a mobile app development company, you must be able to tell them about the nature of app and your company’s purpose.