Productivity is the output per unit input of a system. There is no organization which is not craving for productivity. Research on productivity is an endless process. Productivity is a process in which we can save labor cost as well as we can also increase the yield. Here we will discuss non-productive thing that always hurts, just like long meetings. Meaningless agenda etc. Productivity can be mapped with some pillars that are given below. 

1- Artificial intelligence 

It’s a very obvious thing that AI can’t replace human being but Artificial intelligence is the only thing which decrease the labor cost by machine learning. Artificial intelligence can take decision faster and with more confidence and reliability. Machine based complex network can understand billion pieces of data in a second with the help of artificial intelligence & Productivity . 


It’s crazy thing that there is only one leader in an organization. Moreover, for productive outcomes of any project a team should not only depends leader, they should be confident of doing things on their own, because sometimes they can generate better ideas than a team leader. Furthermore, sometimes high authorities of an organization play an important role to develop that confidence among staff members to lead something. They can also give them a free hand to act like a Leader. There is no doubt that a great leader can make a crowed, a Team. 


Precisely and organized use of time is also a talent of most progressive and well recognized firm of the world. The organization who already know the importance of time and things to do in an organized way can automatically increase their productivity. Remember!! 1440 minutes in a day have a huge cost. Don’t give them away easily. Timeline the minute not hour is also a way to grip the time and productivity 


A big problem which is faced by employee’s in many organization is their surrounding environment. A creative employee would not be able to perform well in a hectic workplace. If there would be a flexibility in an office environment where the chain of the employees working, it will automatically make his or her mind creative. A glowing environment always force the productivity to come out as punctuality, consistency and focused from employees.