Museums On Web : (A TED talk by Amit Sood)

My name is Amit and 18 months ago, I had another job at Google, and I pitched this idea of doing something with museums and art to my boss, she allowed me to do it. It took 18 months, a lot of negotiations and stories, I can tell you, with 17 very interesting museums from nine countries. There are a lot of stories about why we did this, I think my personal story is explained very simply on the slide, and it’s access. I grew up in India. I had a great education — I’m not complaining — but I didn’t have access to a lot of these museums and these artworks. Therefor, when I started traveling and going to these museums, I started learning a lot. And while working at Google, I tried to put this desire to make it more accessible with technology together. So we formed a team, a great team of people, and we started doing this. It doesn’t matter where you are — Bombay, Mexico, it doesn’t really matter. You move around, you have fun. You want to navigate around the museum? Open the plan up, and, in one click, jump. You’re in there, you want to go to the end of the corridor. Keep going. Have fun. Explore.