Location based technology: Enhancing the airport experience

We all hope that our airport experience should be as stress free as possible. Finding way on an unfamiliar airport can be stressful. Location based technologies are improving customer experience and making airport experience a stress free atmosphere.

At Helsinki Airport in Finland, has incorporated location-based technologies that, when combined with real-time analytics, help predict crowds and allow them to react accordingly. They installed approximately 200 sensors throughout the airport in 2014. These I-Beacons and Wi-Fi routers track users who leave their Wi-Fi on or who opt-in through an app, providing their precise location through a smartphone or other device.

Nearly 48% of all airports are planning to introduce location based services at all stages. Once a boarding pass has been issued, the combination of location sensors with the Airport Wi-Fi can be used to guide the passenger to the right departure gate, moreover, would display real-time notifications about flight status and allow the passenger to search for destinations of his choice.

Furthermore, security personnel spend 90% of their time on tasks such as explaining these to the public. Keeping people informed by location base technology can reduce this load. If an incident occur, Location sensors can direct people to the nearest exit. Therefore, it also helps in cutting down the cost of security guards.

Passenger experience using location based technology can be very effective and can play a vital role in making airport experience as easy and comfortable.

Make the airports of your country and region user friendly for the passengers, Relliks can help you achieving this aim by developing location based technology, you must be thinking how to know this please leave your email and name in the comment box below we will get back to you within a 24 hours.