BlockChain & It’s Uses

Blockchain has taken all industries by storm from its invention. Industries are rapidly changing and new era of data security is introduced to ensure all information is intact. Its security factors has made it quickly adopts to financial industries and more and more companies are adopting its usage to ensure transparent operations, clear transactions and ability to verify and validate the system against the network. Blockchain has many uses in the advanced world from many industries including health care, finance, Accounting, Banking systems, Data security, Information Technology etc. More and more use cases are discovering with each passage of day as more people are adopting this technology to make world more safe and dynamic.

How Blockchain technology could reform health care:

Due to this vast adaptability, Blockchain has become something very important in todays technology and every day new adoptions are coming, and new use cases has been introduced to counter such issues. Health care industry is not behind this race. As per recent studies its more likely that 20% of all health care facilities would adopt blockchain till 2020. Which is great in terms of number where 60% of hospitals worldwide are still facing lack of basic facilities.

pecific record or disease. It is because each patient has his own conditions, his own history and same disease and medicine could have different impact on one patient then another.

As per David Jaffary, executive vice-president of technology and innovation at University Health Network says on b2bnn Blockchain Experts, Blockchain could unlock data that is often distributed across providers, insurers and other third parties to lead to better medical decisions and advance research, he said.

“The machinery has never been there to do that,” he said. “You realize there’s an opportunity for everybody to participate in the ownership in the flipping bits of life, including the data that’s collected in the interests of health care . . . We see this shift where people own their data.”

Blockchain could help eliminate need of traditional manual documents, eliminating different copies of data, reducing redundant data and even the need of 3rd parties like insurers, who are involved in throughout processes unnecessarily. Now the question is how could block chain help in health care and how could different entities benefit from its widespread uses. So answers to these questions and use case as per my understanding are as follows. I encourage you to please comment to suggest/correct.

1- Patient data is most important aspect of digital health care across the world. At one side Patient data is very critical to contain every possible information about patient history, his family history, Diagnosis, and Treatment etc. At the other hand patient data is critical and could not be disclosed which is considered crime subject to serious penalties.
Secondly every patient record is unique. Which means there will only be one and only one patient with some specific record or disease. It is because each patient has his own conditions, his own history and same disease and medicine could have different impact on one patient then another.

Due to all these factors separate medical treatment plan and personalized care is advised to each patient depending on his sole condition and severity.

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