.Net Core

Is .Net core the impending super power in the software world? We have been engrossed in this frame work since long now and we think likewise. In fact, we foresee that there will be a Immense demand of skillful developers in this technology in 2018. The million dollar question is that how is it different from the .NET frame work and why there is a great emphasis on .NET core? 

Previously, .NET was only used to develop desktop applications. The Xamarin and Mono projects transformed .NET to mobile devices, macOS, and Linux. .NET Core comes up with a standard base library that can now be used on Multiple platforms across Windows, Linux, mac OS, and mobile phones (via Xamarin).

.NET architecture conflates the four major components manifested below:

  • Common Language Specification(CLS) illustrates how objects are implemented so they applicable everywhere .NET works. CLS is a subset of Common Type System (CTS) which describes a common method to describe all types.
  • Frame Work Class Library(FCL) is a standard library that assembles reusable classes, interfaces, and value types.
  • Common Language Runtime(CLR) is the virtual machine that functions the framework and manages the execution of .NET programs.
  • Tools i.e Visual Studio is used to create standalone applications, interactive websites, web applications and web services.

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